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Bitamulet is a technology which enables you to transform a numerical symbol, usually in the form of a number or set of numbers, into a symbolic object, embodying the uniqueness, identity and magnetic properties attributed to those numbers.

In its first incarnation, aptly named "Solar Incarnation”, Bitamulet prompts you to select a precise time and location on the surface of the planet that is especially meaningful to you.


The name “Solar Incarnation” stems from the fact that, most individuals choose to use as a seed moment for their Bitamulet the moment of birth – either their own, or that of the person for which the Bitamulet is being created. This is consistent with the fact that the moment of birth, the point of entry into one’s current incarnation, is the single most powerful and defining moment that person’s life. However, it is possible to create a Bitamulet using the time and location of any significant event.

From your selection of a point in time and space, eight sets of six numbers are calculated, based on a strict and scientifically-based methodology. These numbers represent the state of our solar system in relation to the time and place which you determined, for example, at the time of your birth. The eight sets of numbers then undergo predetermined mathematical transformations which translate them into a three-dimensional geometric shape - your first Bitamulet.

You may then choose to opt for the production of this geometric shape into a tangible object, an amulet in the form of a pendant. On the Bitamulet web site there is a selection of shapes and materials for you to choose from, in conjunction with a high-quality 3-D printing service. The result is a unique item, a symbolic jewel which you created - and empowered.


In their original state, a set of figures, regardless of the symbolic meaning or power attributed to them, has a strictly defined form.

An example of such a set, for the Heliocentric Bitamulet

My_display_Name2017-01-01_12:00:0038. 87162422. 241365299999984 Mercury-0, 15860, 27760, 037228, 65-161, 40, 6892Venus0, 45960, 5572-0, 018925, 39135, 70, 7657Earth-0, 18820, 9651-0, 0-90, 067, 550, 0Mars1, 3530, 3942-0, 02522, 53123, 11, 644Jupiter-5, 356-1, 0190, 1241-4, 47-95,385, 537Saturn-1, 863-9, 8570, 245523, 32-150, 210, 95Uranus18, 347, 833-0, 20865, 38684, 8619, 76Neptune28, 34-9, 687-0, 453622, 6123, 230, 46


It is important to note that the vectors used in the calculations forming a Bitamulet are not from one planetary body’s orbital center to another, but rather from the location of an observer positioned at the surface of the earth (at a given latitude and longitude) to a planetary body. Hence, the calculations reflect with great accuracy the state of the solar system in relation to the event taking place on earth at that specific time, (e.g. birth).

Though significant, and potentially powerful, it is easy to see how, as a symbol, the above figures are obscure for most purposes. Their beauty and power is hidden behind the inner meaning of numbers.

However, by applying a transformation to this set of figures, the essential symbolism captured in these numbers can be transmuted into something tangible, a three-dimensional object, itself a symbol. The creative implications arising from this chain of operations are stupendous.

In this sense, the Bitamulet is not a conventional symbol, but a symbolic transformation. It accepts a mathematical input with a given symbolic value, and transforms it, in any one of innumerable ways, into a symbolic form.



The first incarnation of the Bitamulet is fundamental. It uses our solar system as a framework, and a specific time and place on the surface of the earth as its origin.


This would lead one to think that the Heliocentric Incarnation Bitamulet has some foundation in astrology. In truth, the only link between Bitamulet and astrology is that that they both utilise astronomical calculations. But this is the full extent of their relation. Astrology is inundated with a long history of predefined symbolism, archetypes and tradition. Bitamulet is free of these. It is strictly a process for symbolic transformation, a system that allows for the creative production of unique symbols with personal meaning. Whether one wishes to attribute astrological purpose and meaning to their own Bitamulet is a matter of choice.


The original concept for the bit amulet was born of the thought that, in our human reality, all symbolisms manifest in the domain of space and time. Furthermore, that given a frame of reference, any location in space at a given moment in time can be captured in mathematical terms, as a set of numerical figures.


The symbolic power contained in a set of figures defining a given point in time and space is both primary and essential. On a purely scientific level, the figures undisputedly point to an accurate index of reality as we know it: The state of planet - and the solar system - relative to the given time and place. From this state, an infinite cascade of deductions emerge. Whether the location is on land or water, whether it was (or will be) day or night, summer or winter. Which planets and stars were (or will be) visible, as well as their relative position. For a point in time in the past, historically recorded states are also available - weather, geographic proximity to other naturally occurring events, even concurrency with historical events of any magnitude, emerging at that time.

On a subtler but equally significant level, and further to states founded in scientifically recorded and/or proven fact, these numerical figures contain additional symbolic charges of any number of nuances, whether historical, cultural, even metaphysical. For westerners, there is undisputed symbolism hidden in the first second of the first day of January of every year, for example. Similarly, so for the people of China, on the first day of the Chinese year. Each nation has its own historic dates and locations with great symbolic value - the founding of a state, a declaration of independence, a great defeat or victory. Equally, for all social structures, from the global movement, to the organization, down to the family and the individual: Specific combinations of time and location are bound, by definition, to hold specific (if not special) meaning - and therefore, symbolic power - whether they signify a birth, the formation or dissolution of a bond, the dawning of a new school of thought, or the birth of a star.



We live in a world of space and time.

Space is the three-dimensional matrix in which our world, and everything in it, persists. Time is a relative state of this persistence.

In recent years, in an unprecedented convergence between ancient cosmologies and modern science, one fact has become common knowledge: There is such a thing as energy. It is measurable in light. And it is said that everything we see, and all that we can't, is made of it, including ourselves.


A man's energy system is in no way separate, or isolated from the energetic state of his environment at one level or other, starting with the space surrounding him and extending to our planet earth, all the way to the bounds of the solar system, and beyond.

Proximity is irrelevant, in a wider context. A meteor on a collision course with earth could have originated anywhere in the universe. An obscure radiation that contributed to the emergence of life as we know it on earth could have originated from millions of light years away. Time and distance are irrelevant when dealing with infinity.

The most obvious and consistent way in which living beings on our planet are affected by distant energy systems is felt daily, upon sunrise and sunset, and every new and full moon. Humans, animals and plant life alike are affected, in countless ways. Yet both the Moon, more so the Sun, are far beyond man’s reach.

While the effect of the Sun and the Moon are prevalent to one degree or other in our lives, and regularly observed, there is a set of influences which is seriously taken into account by the very few: The energetic presence and influence of the remaining planets of our solar system.

Regardless of whether one attributes the existence of these planets within the same system, and revolving around the same star, to coincidence, chaos, or the designs of a creator, the fact that they comprise a unified, coherent system is undisputed. Whatever the origin, or purpose of our solar system, we are a part of it. We are born of it, and we live, and breathe, and have our being, within its confines.

In other words: There is meaning to the fact that we draw our first breath on this planet, while revolving around a star, in the company of other planets, at a specific point in time. While this meaning may remain to a great extent hidden, if it can be captured in the form of a symbol - a jewel as unique and as precious as the moment itself.

It is in this context, and out of the greatest awe - and respect - for our unique place in what is the unfathomable wonder of our star, the Sun, and the system of planets which revolve around it, that we thought this first, Heliocentric Incarnation Bitamulet was appropriate. It is a powerful symbol of unique individuality on both the human as well as the solar level.


Symbols bridge the gap between the abstract and the tangible. In the same manner that a wedding ring serves as a public display – and personal reminder – of a profound commitment, a Bitamulet objectifies a potent and especially powerful moment in time, such as the moment of one’s birth.


The Bitamulet does this in a way that is far from arbitrary, since it employs the immutable science of mathematics, coupled with Astronomical calculations to transform the numerical time-space representation of that moment into a tangible and reproducible form.

In order to gain as much insight into this symbolic transformation as possible, one should gaze at a Bitamulet with increasing levels of attention, guiding oneself from one realization to another with each level transition.

Since the realisations to be had from a Bitamulet are subjective and unique to each individual, any attempt to verbalise them would defy the purpose, and restrict the symbolic power (and nature) of the amulet. Instead, a schematic approach might help lead one to their own subjective – and needed – realisations.



Symbols are, in essence, metaphors.

They have the capacity to capture and embody the full quality, and power, of that which they represent.

From the cross, an all-powerful religious symbol, all the way to letters, the humble servants of the alphabet, symbols serve an infinite variety of purposes. Without them, human civilisation as we know it, would not exist.


The majority of the symbols we encounter in our daily lives are mostly hidden, and have come to serve practical purposes. Scientific symbols in particular, mostly stemming from mathematics, are behind the design of just about all man-made objects in our lives, from a pen to an airplane.

But there is a category of powerful symbols which serve utilities of an intangible nature. Nation flags, currency symbols, brand logos, the symbols for male and female, the symbols of the signs of the zodiac, are all symbols belonging to this category. They embody specific, unique entities - such as a nation, a global organization or a constellation - and they represent, and project, all the physical, emotional and mental associations that these entities dictate and inspire.

Symbols belonging to this category are to a great extent defined by the fact that they commonly serve two main functions: Identification and magnetism.

The function of Identification in a symbol is fairly self-evident: The symbol informs of who or what is present. Its primary association is that of meaning, and it is through the nature of individual interaction with this meaning that the symbol exerts its influence.

In other words, there is a pre-defined meaning from which a magnetic force emanates. Whether this force is attractive or repulsive depends on the pre-existing relationship of the beholder of the symbol with that meaning.

The function of Magnetism in a symbol, on the other hand, is somewhat more complex. Its primary association is that of power. As such, it is determined - and identified - by its attributed attractive or repulsive qualities. That is, the symbol is magnetically empowered by the beholder of the symbol: The relationship of the beholder with the symbol's meaning is forged by the beholder himself. In a sense, symbolic identification and symbolic magnetism are two sides of the same coin: Identity emanates Magnetism, and Magnetic emanations determine Identity.


An important and centuries-old form of symbol is the amulet.

The word "amulet" comes from the Latin amuletum; the earliest extant use of the term is in Pliny's Natural History, meaning "an object that protects a person from trouble".


Amulets are known to have been used in Ancient Rome, as well as by Taoists, Abrahamic religions, Judaists, the Roman Catholic Church, Christians, Catholics, Islamists, Native Americans, Buddhists and peoples of numerous other cultures and religions.

To the present day, they are widely used symbols of luck and protection representing power and strength, and have even been said to contribute to a better understanding of the universe, unraveling more of the truth of its origins.

Whether one views an amulet as an object that offers protection, luck, power or understanding, stripped away of all superstitions, such use translates to the same fundamental qualities attributed to all symbols: Attraction and repulsion. In other words, whether one wishes to use an instrument to attract (luck, for example) or to repel (e.g. trouble), what one essentially requires is an instrument possessing very specific - and special - magnetic qualities.


A comparison between Bitamulet and other, more conventional types of amulets or talismans, is inevitable.

The following table contains a rather subjective comparison between the Bitamulet and some of the better-known categories of symbols used for empowerment, attraction and/or repulsion.

A Bitamulet captures the exact position of the planets in our solar system based on your position on Earth at the date and time of your birth - or any other significant event

The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury

The Christian Cross, seen as a representation of the instrument of the crucifixion of Jesus, is the best-known symbol of Christianity. It is related to the crucifix and to the more general family of cross symbols

The word comes from the Arabic word talsam (طلسم), from an alteration of late Greek telesma (τέλεσμα), "completion, religious rite", itself from the word teleō (τελέω) which means "I complete, perform a rite"

Astronomy, science and methematics, the concept of Individuation, Uniqueness and Faith

Idolatry and Faith only

The figure of Jesus, reLigion and faith

Faith only

Life, birth, energy, nature, universe, eternity, uniqueness

Fear, jealousy, curse, protection

Human pain, sacrifice

Mostly unknown

Invented in 2013

Since roman empire

Although the cross had an idolatrous meaning since ancient Egypt, it is referenced as a Religion Sign since the 2nd Century

Since ancient world

It’s almost unique for every human in the history of time



There are unlimited shapes but none is unique to its holder

It relies on the movement of the planets, so it’s absolutely natural


It’s more event driven than natural

Many civilizations have used natural objects as talismans, including the planets of our solar system

Bitamulets rely on a combination of scientific theory and personal faith. There is nothing magical

It’s totally driven by unknown magical forces

To the extent that the cross is a historic object there is nothing magical

Faith and Magic are jointly appreciated